Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Truck is Killing Mother Earth? EXCUSE ME?

Being that this is my first post, I will attempt to appease those who actually appreciate a literary device known as the paragraph. I can't tell you how many blogs I've read that just ramble on without a break in their thoughts for pages on end. Therefore, I will attempt to write in a somewhat orderly fashion as to not compel my 5th grade English teacher to quit her day job. I apologize in advance for any long, single sentences that should be broken up into 4, and the only preemptive explanation for this that I have is that I admire the way the Greeks wrote and am exploring a way to convert the ancient art form into English. Or I am just too lazy to read this over before posting. I like the former.

Going back to the topic of this post, I felt the profound need to address this extremist environmentalist issue and explore its rationale. On campus, I have been repeatedly asked "if [i] "have a minute for the environment" by obvious hippies who smell a bit too much like nature. At times I have wanted to say something creative like, "NO". Usually, however, fear of the "natural funk" wafting towards me at an alarming rate grips my heart, so I veer to the other side of the sidewalk and pretend to be vigorously chatting away on my "nature killing" phone. Now as a Christian, and an animal lover (both to eat and to pet), I am here as a steward of God's creation. I do support caring for the environment. The following is where I diverge from the cult of "Mother earth is dying and its our fault because of our evil desire to live comfortably".

The primary force behind this movement is the wonderful moneymaker the majority of the public affectionately refers to as Global Warming. Excuse me as I collect myself and do a few deep breathing exercises. All right, I feel that I can continue calmly. My first problem with this theory is that it is precisely that; a theory. Now the implication of something being classified as a theory is that as such, it has yet to be proved. Much like the theory of evolution, the theory of bigfoot, and so on. This is not to say that there is no data that might appear to lend itself to the idea, but as far as global warming goes (as well as the other two, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms), there are not only vast amounts of inconclusive data, but there are also evidences that point to the complete antithesis. Not only that, but global warming is far from a widely accepted scientific belief. What better group to ask about this than Greenpeace? Greenpeace conducted a recent survey on climatologists, and actually (thank goodness) released the findings. They found that 47% of climatologists don't think that global warming is imminent, 36% said it is possible, and a measly 13% said that it was probable. Please take a moment and reflect on the significance of this. So am I supposed to give up my truck to save the planet when it "could possibly help, some of us think, maybe..."?

I love the fact that things such as cow flatulence and volcanoes erupting actually produce more air pollution that humans could ever dream of, and yet I am pressured to think that I am a greater plague on this earth than Canada Geese in Fort Collins! (Sorry, local analogy). I'll give a suggestion to those of you who continue to be concerned about this dark haze that sometimes occurs around a large city. Are you ready? All right, here it is: drive away! The smog will be gone once you have spent 15 minutes worth of gas past the city limits. Or, to better benefit the earth, and to shed some pounds, ride your bike there.

Well, that's all that I have for this post. I know one thing, if I were flora or fauna, and global warming was happening, I'd be darned glad to get rid of horrible uncharacteristically cold winters such as this where I am twice as likely to die. In the words of a great bumper sticker I once saw, on a pickup I might add, "Stop Global Whining".

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