Sunday, September 16, 2007

Absurdity on Facebook

Facebook is the networking site similar to Myspace only arguably less trashy and more organized. There is a particular "group", that is, an online common interest cyber-community, which really struck me with its incredible ridiculousness. It is called, "If 5000 join this group – I will accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour" (yes, that is a British spelling).

The group description is this:
"Here is my story: I had never wanted to join facebook before yesterday, but yesterday I felt something I had never even begun to hope for before. I have never been particularly religious; I always looked to science for guidance and truth. However yesterday morning I was lying in bed when I suddenly felt something I had never felt before – a spiritual awakening. However with in minutes I fell back to sleep and had the most wonderful dream. I dreamt of setting up a facebook account and starting a community group of Christians in which one of 5000 members will tell me something very important. I can’t rationally explain why I know this but I do know it is the truth."

What is absent?
The Bible and therefore truth

What is present?
439 "members"
A false dichotomy (again) between faith and science
The superiority of emotion/feeling/experience
The possibility of this guy actually mocking Christians for being (stereotypically) illogical and ruled by emotion

The realm of the Internet persona is taking over the space/time persona, and all the while becoming more and more absurd and distorted.

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