Saturday, September 22, 2007

The CSU Campus Newspaper- A Wonderland Of Intellect *Insert Sarcasm*

The Friday issue of the Rocky Mountain Collegian had, in its editorial section, a massive entry which stated simply:

TASER THIS (in reference to the recent out-of-control student who was tasered)

F&*#K BUSH (the actual word without replacement symbols along with a weak if even existent connection to the former statement)

This is the view of the Collegian editorial board.

The fact that there was not a single soul on the editorial board who found this vastly inappropriate and an immature reflection of poor judgement disturbs me greatly.

Not only is this the most blatant and pure-blooded ad hominem attack I have seen in this paper (and there are many), there is a lack of any sort of argument whatsoever!

They have also ignored (as of yet) my op ed submittal.


Jon said...

According to the Denver Post, the editorial board was split 4-3 on this issue. Also, it looks as if the paper will lose $30,000 worth of advertising revenue because of this little stunt.

As an aside, I believe that the Supreme Court has ruled that profanity is not covered under the 1st Amendment anyway.

Sarah Scott said...


The bottom line is, whether or not the board was split to this degree (I suspect, knowing the people on the board, that some supporters have since jumped ship), that they did not have to print "This is the view of the Collegian editorial board". Rather, the Collegian editorial board has the ability to write something like "This does not reflect the view of the entire editorial board".

Also, freedom of speech does not grant immunity to the consequences of stupidity.

Daniel said...

Taken further, I think this is a perfect example of the encroachment of the secular-progressive agenda on college campuses. And subsequently an already staunch presence of moral relativism. Before long I fear that the law of even yelling "fire" in a movie theater will become obsolete. We have rules of decency to maintain a civil society. People ask who determines what is civil and decent... I'm just glad that they still want an objective civility and decency! For now anyway.

Hi, I've seen your comments on the Constructive Curmudgeon's blog. Looks like you cover some interesting things. I'll make this one of my stops on the blogosphere!