Sunday, September 2, 2007

Posts in Progress

I will most likely be a bit slow on finishing posts and posting them for a while, as I have recently (and temporarily) lost the use of a crucial typing finger due to a pathetic scissors accident. My 4th grade Girl Scouts knife-safety merit badge should be revoked.

I am working, however, but make no guarantees of speediness!

(There is also a new puppy, which adds an element of distraction I need to overcome. He happens to be correlated to the scissors accident. New puppy collar + strong plastic packaging + poor scissor skills = serious problem)


Tim said...

Ow! Get better soon -- the postmodernists are gaining ground while you convalesce . . .

Sarah Scott said...

Thanks On your previous comment, its sadly too late for me to switch to a philosophy major, but I would like to go to grad school in philosophy of religion to get some invaluable training! I appreciate your comments :)

Abu Daoud said...

Like the blog, though I think grappling with Muslims is harder than grappling with PM's, who won't assault you for, say, insulting Leotard or Derida.


Tim said...


It is a plan worth taking seriously. Consider Denver Seminary, where you might work with Doug Groothuis and Stan Obitts -- not too far out of your way. At a greater distance, Biola has a worthy program in Phil of Religion at the Talbot Graduate School with people like Doug Geivett, J. P. Moreland, Garry DeWeese, Steve Porter, etc. A third choice, on the east coast, might be Liberty with Gary Habermas, though I do not know whether they offer an MA in Philosophy of Religion.

Vertigo said...


Found your blog through Groothius' blog...I like the way you think. I like even better THAT you think. Keep it up.