Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Colorado Rockies: Baseball's Breath of Fresh Air

Charles Colson wrote an article about what makes the Colorado Rockies so different from other teams. One factor of significance is the fact that the Rockies organization is run specifically on Christian principles. This is not a story about steroids, betting or any other scandal; it is about genuinely humble and appreciative people getting to play in or be involved in the series of a lifetime (that would be the World Series).

While Colson is a Red Sox fan, he admits he will be happy however the series turns out. I concur (without being a Red Sox fan) with Colson. Regardless of how the series turns out, congratulations Rockies!


Tom said...

Amen! Although tonight's game looks like a lost cause, it's only the first game. I say, let Manny be Manny, but let Todd & Co. win the World Series!

Daniel said...

Wow, that's a great article. It's inspiring to see some sort of morality in professional sports is left!

Sarah Scott said...

Indeed! Only 2 down. There is still hope!

It is most certainly encouraging. Go Rockies!

Jon said...

It looks like an uphill battle for my Rockies, but let's hope they can take all three at home!

Jon said...

Also, I just wrote a very similar blog entry a few days back, for those interested.

Rodak said...

Wait 'til next year.