Monday, November 5, 2007

Doug Giles on How Atheists are the Lesser of Two Evils (essentially)

Doug Giles wrote a good article about how he believes the presence of watered-down pastoring in the church is far more detrimental to Christianity than is atheism. He makes an interesting comparison between the two. It is a good read, and his style is unique, witty, and smart. The gist of the argument can be summed up in this paragraph from the article:

So my advice is twofold: First, let’s continue to wrangle with the atheists. They’re only helping things by rapping our knuckles. If we embrace their verbal mace we’ll come out as better believers. Secondly, seeing that PC-riddled Christianity is more dastardly than uncut atheism, why don’t we call to account ministers who have drifted from the whole counsel of God and have substituted it for a different gospel, a different spirit, and are preaching a different motivational-type-Deepak-Chopra-Kenny G-with-a-beard-guru kind of Jesus?

I don't agree with everything he says, for example I wish that he had not been quite so crass, that he had contrasted modern cotton-candy pastors with someone like Jonathan Edwards instead of with Billy Graham (not to knock BG), and that he had not lumped the megachurch movement in with "evangelical" postmodernism, BUT we live in a fallen world. You can't have it all. ;)


Anthony said...

This reminds me of the conversation we were having the other day - which is more dangerous? Outright opposition (read: intellectual stimulation), or subversive corruption of truth?

But there are those big words creeping in again - hopefully they still convey meaning, eh? ;-D

Paul said...

"we'll come out as better believers"

Or as atheists. Or as agnostics. But, in any case, better people.

(Have I introduced myself? I got here via The Constructive Curmudgeon, I think, and bookmarked you).

Daniel said...

That's interesting but I don't think we should ever compare "bubble gum Christianity" to atheism. No matter how much a person is nominal, stagnate, or not caring about their faith; they are still brothers and sisters in Christ, unlike the atheist. For that there is still a bold line drawn between the two in comparison.

It's good to remember that just because a person is saved that does not mean they are "there" yet. (Which of course we won't be until final glorification). There is still much work to do post-regeneration.

Sarah Scott said...


Indeed! Corruption from within or subverting the true point is always a massive threat.

Meaningless big words = verbose futility
Meaningful big words = a grand art all its own!


Thanks for commenting!


I agree with your point, wholeheartedly. I do believe that this article is extreme (in the contrast with atheism), but his point seems to be that watered down Christianity is often times not Christianity at all, and incubates a massive danger.

The modus operandi of the forces of darkness against the Truth seems to be that of perpetuating half-truths and omissions rather than blatant lies. The greatest attacks often come quietly from within, as a great detriment to Christianity is to be rendered ineffective.

However, again, you are right in that we are to recognize brothers and sisters in Christ despite our differences!