Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christians and Politics

For more on Christians in Politics, one of my earlier posts attempted to address some further issues. Often we find that churches discourage interest in politics, citing various poor reasons.


Jon said...

So I read your earlier post, and I think your last line about extending the Christian voice to all areas of life has merit. But does that mean that all Christians ought to be involved in politics? My brother and parents are much more into politics than I am. I personally am drawn to other areas, which I would argue are equally imporant as, if not more important than, politics. If I have at best a disinterest of, and at worst a disdain toward, politics, but I care deeply about changing the world in other ways, would you chastise me for keeping an arm's length away from the political scene? I don't mean this in an abrasive way; I would really like to hear your response.

Merry Christmas!

Sarah Scott said...


No abrasiveness detected; I appreciate the probe! :)

I believe that Christians should at minimum be concerned with certain aspects (such as free speech being incorrectly re-defined) within the governing body that threaten our rights as Christians.

That said, as we are all spiritually gifted in different ways, we are all going to influence the Kingdom in different areas. One does not have to be an absolute advocate for political agendas in order to have healthy concern for the preservation of basic freedoms. (I might add that I am concerned more with preserving freedom "FOR" rather than freedom "from".)

I, like you, am frankly tired of politicians and the political scene, but I still see a need for there to be Christians actively involved in politics. While this by no means should imply that all Christians should be as involved as others, it does mean that we all should recognize the importance of certain Christian involvement and encourage those who show interest.

I hope that helped clarify my views somewhat!

Merry Christmas to you, as well!

Jon said...

Yes, it is a very good answer.