Tuesday, December 4, 2007

P.C. Update: "Pork Chop" Is Now Offensive

A minor league baseball team's mascot name has been needlessly tossed. His name was "Pork Chop" (read about it here), and it is now "Ferrous". Based on the claim that the name conjured up bad memories of past derogatory name-calling, it was deemed offensive by a few vocal Hispanic individuals in Allentown, PA. What is the kicker? The mascot is a pig. I'll say it again for added emphasis: the mascot is a PIG. We get (at least allegedly so) pork chops from pigs. There is the connection. He is not Hispanic even if there was a widely known connection to Hispanic individuals and pork chops. Again, he is a swine. Are the offended individuals sure that "Pork Chop" name calling of the past was a Hispanic reference and not a misguided name for a chubby (regardless of race) kid?

What is this cultural hypersensitivity doing to us, and why are so many enabling the behavior by bowing to it? How on earth can we avoid mentioning anything that conjures up bad memories or feelings in all humans in every case? That is a tall (impossible) order. Just because I hate needles at the doctor and therefore the thought of needles make me cringe, does that mean that we should avoid attributing the name "Needles" to a hypothetical mascot who is a sea urchin or a porcupine? Should I, because I have anxiety problems about needles, be taken seriously if I demand that "Needles the Sea Urchin" must be renamed because the name makes me uncomfortable? Of course not. I am not a minority, so my feelings have no legal weight.

Rant concluded.


Daniel said...

Hi Sarah,

I work in the Admissions office here at Den. Sem. and noticed a certain letter from the Admissions office being sent out to you today.

May I give an early... CONGRATULATIONS!!

Sarah Scott said...

Haha! Thanks, Daniel!
I am so excited about Den. Sem.
I'll probably be seeing you around, then! :)

Jon said...

Not a bad school. Of course, they let me in...