Sunday, January 13, 2008

An "Emerging" Hard Liquor Tolerance

A church in Charlotte, N.C. has in an episode of poor judgement decided to use shot glasses with the church slogan printed on them as a misguided marketing ploy (read about it here). The glasses exhort drinkers to "Give us a shot". On the same glasses, the church is then defined as "real church for real people". How is a church outreach supposed to ultimately aid in someones life change if there is absolutely nothing to change to?

Some may argue that because alcohol isn't wrong to consume that this ploy isn't wrong. I then ask those glassware advertisement sympathisers to consider what a shot glass is used for. Typically, people don't sip socially out of a shot glass. On the contrary, most throw back hard liquor for either pure drunken entertainment or as an escapist act. The wine connoisseur and the hard liquor drinker typically are not at the same bar.

In the very brief article, the pastor of this emerging detachment from truth said that "he is confident that it will be controversial, but he said the goal is not necessarily to impress people who already go to church. He said it's to impress people who don't". The Gospel never was and never will be about "impressing people". Having such a goal tends to morph the message beyond recognition to fit the societal needs. Once the message has been taken out of the offensive constraints of orthodoxy, it is set "free" only to be constrained again by the emerging mentality of "whatever, just as long as we're loving". Perpetuating the emerging church untruth that one need only the gospel of "whatever suits you" to oddly remain the same, this "outreach" is yet another example of an emerging church which is painfully missing every bit of the point. The broadside of the (metaphorical) barn even remains unscathed. You can call it creative, but do not call it Christian.


Daniel said...

Wow, this is painfully disgusting. When are people like this going to realize that Jesus came to CHANGE the world, not be a part of it?

Abu Daoud said...

Yet I find that the "gospel of whatever suits you" (good phrase) is very American. I don't see any way to avoid this sort of ploy within out cultural milieu.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah Scott said...

"Professor of Philosophy",

I am always willing to re-edit posts, and do it frequently. So, if you are truly this professor, then thank you for the extra set of eyes.

However, I hope you understand that this comment sounds suspiciously similar to two posters who desire to prove to me that I am a shoddy writer. If you are this professor, then I hope you understand that this post need not remain up as I have taken the comments under advisement. If it is either Jenni or Chris, goodbye and get a life.

Sarah Scott said...


I agree that this is very American. However, I firmly believe that Christians can and must avoid being sucked into that mire while remaining authentic and loving. Discernment can and must remain where evangelism occurs.

This church should try building individual relationships and/or the socratic method; anything but handing out shot glasses. They aren't far off of handing out marijuana joints which say on them: "We're a hit!"