Monday, February 11, 2008

PETA Does it Again--This Time While Attempting to Traumatize Kids

Warning: the critical thinking on this post is a bit unsophisticated. My reaction at this time is simply disgust, as illness is keeping the brain power (such as it is) to a minimum.

PETA once again shamlessly demonizes people who buy dogs from responsible, reputable breeders. This is intended to air during the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, when incoincidentally, families including children will be watching. Please watch it, but if you have kids who are anything like I was at 8 or 9 (a very sensitive animal-lover), do not let them see it.

HT: The Point


Anthony said...

To quote a good friend of mine:


Justin Geis said...

Anthony: your friend sounds like a very wise man :-)

Sarah: Wow

Jon said...

I'm all for adopting animals. Both my cats are adopted, and if we get a dog here soon, it will be adopted, too. But I don't think you ought to punish someone for buying from a breeder. By that logic, every day that I don't adopt a pet at all (whether I buy one or just don't get one), I kill a pet, too. So I guess I've killed 9,670 animals in my life, and only saved two. I am a horrible person!