Thursday, March 27, 2008

A "Man" is Pregnant: Absurdity in the Media (GASP!)

A headline on ABC news' website reads "Oregon Man Says He's Pregnant". Unfortunately, at no point in the story does the reporter concede to the (rather obvious) reality that the "man", who "used to be a woman", has, in fact, remained a woman. The pregnant individual took testosterone treatments and had reconstructive surgery, but nevertheless, Thomas finds herself pregnant. It does not reflect well on society that this story is being quite seriously reported as "a man who is pregnant", and showcases the hideous excrescence of political correctness in the media that actively chokes out what is true.

*Update: the story has since removed 75% of its content (and added a strange picture), but still refers to Thomas as a man.


danny wright said...

This is an insult to the senseablilties of the most seared among us!

Daniel said...

That's ridiculous. Per usual for gossip crazed pundits in America.

Beitler said...


I have enjoyed your blog immensely lately, and have learned a lot from it. The breadth and quality: thumbs up!

A Beitler

Sarah Scott said...

A. Beitler,

Thank you for your kind and encouraging words! They are much appreciated.