Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama Pleads Ignorance

Barack Obama has publicly denounced the racist, hate-mongering comments of his black-power-and-liberation-theology-spouting pastor. According to Obama, he did not know that Rev. Wright believed these things, and claims that if he had heard a sermon such as the ones circulating the media, he would have felt very uncomfortable at the church. This tells us something about Obama.


A. Obama is incredibly dense and after 20 years of devotion to the church and pastor, remained genuinely in the dark about the passionate tirades frequently given by Rev. Wright.


B. The Obama and Jeremiah Wright love fest was a "marriage of convenience" to assure the American public that Obama was indeed a Christian, and Obama either never or rarely attended the church.


C. Obama was fully aware of Jeremiah's radical bombasts, and now that they have surfaced in public, is attempting to plead ignorance in order to remain the "sugar pill of hope" for America. Obama is, after all, the same man who refused to wear a flag pin after 9/11, and who refuses to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance.

We may never know. However, we can conclude that Obama is either devoid of discernment and/or perceptiveness (bad for a president), slept through all of Jeremiah Wright's sermons (this also does not bode well; presidents need attention spans), or is a slick and highly deceptive politician (code for blatant liar).


Daniel said...

"Sugar pill of hope". Ha, nice! I would definitely agree with that. He's filling the naivity of American minds with a giant placebo pill to rid us of our "bad memories" from G-dub. Argh, that does make me want to projectile vomit.

It seems there is some funny business going on with this. Not quite sure where to pin-down Obama's legitimacy or lack thereof of faith. At the most, he's deeply devout, just devout for unorthodoxy. At the least he's playing the faith card to squeeze votes out of Christians. My guess is that it's somewhere in between or some bizarre combination of the two.

Derrick said...

First, I apologize that this is going to be a long comment.
Secondly, did Obama really not know about his pastor's leanings? Most likely, no, he did. However, if he did and lied about it, would that really be all that bad? He's a politician, after all (The claim that a politician is a "blatant liar" strikes me as deserving an incredulous stare and perhaps a sarcastic "No, really?" in response). It also seem plausible that Obama doesn't feel the same way as his pastor (God knows how many different churches I've been to where I didn't agree with the minister on a lot of issues). It also seems unlikely to me that he's all that racist given his family background. Given that we're dealing with a politician, is it really so bad that in order to simply quell a issue that really isn't that important, he falsly pleads ignorance? No worse, I'd imagine than W and staff lying constantly over the Plame affair or the intelligence issues surrounding the Iraq War.
Thirdly, in regards to the "sugar pill of hope" remark, I don't see why Obama's tactic is so deplorable. I'll admit that I don't buy it myself (my political cynicism coming to the forefront again), but it beats McCain's and Clinton's fear mongering over the threat of terrorism. (I mean, that's what has ME on the verge of projectile vomiting.)

Sarah Scott said...


Yes, lying is a bad quality for a leader. Simply because it is common among politicians does not mean it should be taken lightly. I am uncertain about "Plamegate", but Bush did not lie about Iraq, as multiple countries had the same intelligence.

Minor disagreements with your pastor are common. This is far from minor.

Furthermore, Obama is running on a platform of charm promising a saccharine diet of peace, love, and happiness for all. While he wins people over with his charisma, they forget that he has the most liberal voting record in Washington.

This means he will push for the murder of even more genetically distinct human beings, will try to pull funding from our military and over a cup of tea ask terrorists politely to please stop chopping the fingers off of our citizens, mailing them to us and blowing up their own children, and to convince America that the Robin Hood mentality equals "generosity". *This* is the Barack Obama behind the smile. We must be wise enough to get past the facade of "niceness" that anyone can master.

danny wright said...

Sara, Check out the you tube on this site.

Sarah Scott said...


That's scary. Thanks for the link.

Ben said...

You did a nice job of delineating the options of how we are to understand Mr. Obama's comments about his pastor. However, I would challenge your assumptions and implications concerning the flag pin and Pledge of Allegiance. I have heard mixed reports regarding the context of these oft-quoted deeds. Allegedly, he did not have his hand on his heart in the photo people cite because it was during the singing of the National Anthem. Some Americans put their hands on their hearts, some don't. Regarding the flag pin, could the same implication of a lack of allegiance be leveled at Christians who don't wear a cross?