Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yale Art Student Murders For Her Project

This atrocity absolutely had to be posted. Aliza Shvarts, a graduating Art major at Yale, is presenting a senior project which documents on video the process of the woman artificially inseminating herself repeatedly and then inducing miscarriages with drugs. This is not art, but gruesome murder. In addition to terminating human life for the sake of "art", another lamentable aspect of this abhorrent project is what the National Right to Life committee president stated: "She really has hit on a reality that what she has done is legal. Anything she chooses to do here can’t be stopped in terms of legality. And there are people fighting for her right to do this."

May the gravity of this detestable act deeply haunt Aliza Shvarts and any who support her. Christians: pray and mobilize, for the battle to protect prenatal human life must be vigorously fought.


danny wright said...


also had some thoughtful notes about this.

Doug Groothuis said...

May God have mercy on our debauched and degenerating society. Schaeffer said thirty year ago that he didn't pray for justice for America, but for mercy. How much more so now?

If Obama or Clinton get elected president, it will be more of the same, given their 100% NARAL ratings and their 0% NRTL ratings.