Monday, July 7, 2008

(Relative) Blog Silence

I apologize to anyone possibly wondering why this blog has been so painfully slow as of late. The blog has simply taken a back seat to, among lesser things, my wedding, move to another city, sale of my current home, and interspersed writing and reading projects. Once the first three are completed, I hope to resume semi-regular posting once again.


danny wright said...

does this mean you're doing no blogging at all?

Sarah Scott said...

Hi Danny,

I haven't decided that yet. I suppose it depends on the amount of free time that I am willing to spend blogging! The internet is not on my good side right now, and I am developing a working philosophy of internet usage and of blogging itself. Perhaps I will blog on that sometime! Sorry to be rather vague in my answer.

Doug Groothuis said...


This will be trickly as you become a full time student again at the grad level. Glad you are so thoughtful about it, though.


Sarah Scott said...


I don't doubt that! My studies are certainly more important than blogging, so I'm content with a trickle.