Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Hail Obama!

In response to the finale of Obama's historic speech upon the Barapolis*, I have felt the hope, been moved to change, and now recommend that as adequately respectful subjects, rather, citizens, we must begin learning the new anthem for the savior of America.

What can we glean from this ostentatious, emotionally charged thought vacuum?

We must move forward! (Away from Democracy!)
Redistribution of wealth! (Through coercive taxation!)
We must not reward lobbyists! (Suppress citizen concerns!)
Work is vital for Americans (As long as it is government sanctioned!)
I (Obama) could be the first black president! (Pursuit of history trumps job suitability!)
This has never been about me! (Yes it has!)


* "Barapolis" is in reference to the structure resembling a Greek temple that gave a grandiose backdrop dripping with sanctimoniousness to this transcendentally smarmy candidate's acceptance speech.


Doug Groothuis said...

All hail vaucity on steriods!

Rick T. said...

I'm disturbed by your support of a Muslim candidate, who refuses to wear a flag and will take the oath (to Jihad) on a Koran.

I personally believe that Israel will attack Iran and that BHusseinO will become the antiChrist. Of course I could be wrong, but things sure are headed in that direction.

You may be deceived, and I don't think that you should hail Obama. I'll pray for your salvation.

Sarah Geis said...

Rick T (or another alias of my blog troll friend),

Wow. I'm sorry to say that your caricature of those of us who are against Obama has missed the boat once again. It must have an element of truth to be funny.

Paul said...

Has a rather disheartening ring to it and disgraces some of the finest wisdom the world has ever known (notwithstanding the wisdom that is from above).

Sarah Geis said...


Indeed it does disgrace such wisdom! His lofty view of himself was only made far more apparent by the personalized Hellenistic architecture.