Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Uneducated Graduates

It is not impossible for a student in today's university to wend his or her way through all of the requirements, ending in a blaze of glory and relief in the graduation ceremonies, without having received an education. This happens even in the best of universities. Somehow they manage to graduate students who have no mental connections with the past, little knowledge of its literature, less of its great thinkers, scant ability to think for themselves, and for whom the prospect of writing a research paper is a matter of great consternation.

-David Wells, No Place for Truth: Or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology, page 3

Not only is this condition possible, it is tragically common. True critical thinking is dying, and with it goes a deep love of learning.

With the current deplorable condition of the university, human beings must learn how to be lifelong, independent learners!


Indivuduals need to realize that true, rich learning must occur carefully, deliberately, thoughtfully, and patiently, without undue haste. To be governed by the influential trends and pace of culture is to forfeit one's mind to the dark and dangerous world of the blissfully uneducated.


Dan said...

"...and with it goes a deep love of learning." and liberty also I fear.

Sarah Scott said...


This is unfortunately true. To badly paraphrase a recurring theme in much of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's work, when people are not educated, they are not truly free.

Arrogant and Atheistic Harvard Grad said...
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Sarah Geis said...

Relentless, berating troll,

I hereby delete you(again).

Doug Groothuis said...

This is a distressing and pressing problem: uneducated graduates. Why?

1. Too many electives; not enough required course in logic, philosophy, literature, history.

2. Too much reliance on "objective testing," which does not test for knowledge or writing ability.

3. Technologies that decrease learning--on-line classes, powerpoint (much of the time), and so on.

4. Campus ministries that do not encourage students to think Christianly (Harry Blamires) and to out-think the world for Christ.

5. Tenured radicals who indoctrinate leftwing ideology instead of teaching. Thank God Ward Churchill got caught, but most do not. See David Horowitz's writing on this.

6. Large class sizes that inhibit any kind of mentoring relationship between teacher and student.

Sarah Geis said...


Excellent list, and quite true. Thanks!

May the Universities once again seek true knowledge and understanding.

Anonymous said...
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