Friday, October 31, 2008

The Dangers of Obama

This article reports that Obama removed from his plane journalists who represent McCain-endorsing newspapers in order to make room for Obama-sympathetic reporters.

Obama is displaying right before our eyes a policy of aggressive viewpoint suppression. In his view, dissent is not tolerated. For evidence of this, look at what happened to Joe the Plumber for simply asking a revealing question (and there are many more examples!). Please realize that this man is threatening freedom of speech itself, and is in most areas far beyond the liberalism we are familiar with as a country. He and his ilk are absolutely toxic for America. I beg you friends, if you are supporting Obama for any reason, please reconsider. Socialism, which almost always comes with a spirit of suppression, is not the answer. Obama's behavior smacks of the beginnings of historic Marxist censorship. Please vote, but vote wisely.

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Doug Groothuis said...

O would push the "fairness doctrine," which would muzzle freedom of speech, a central plank of the First Amendment. O would suppress all dissent, given this ways of operating as "the annointed one" now. He is vain, a liar, and dangerous to "the American experiment" (A. Lincoln).