Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Energy Source

Breaking News: There is a possibility of tapping into a new energy source. A recent study suggests that the closer to the White House Obama appears to be, the more the founding fathers roll in their graves. Power surges have been especially strong near the graves of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Scientists are laboriously trying to convert this kinetic energy into a usable source of power. These scientists also are suggesting that we vote for Obama, because when McCain narrows the gap in the polls, this energy source becomes remarkably less efficient.


Doug Groothuis said...

Very clever and makes a tremendous point. Keep praying; the dead cannot help us now, except inasmuch as we heed the wise among them: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and so on.

Sarah Geis said...


Thanks, and well said.

Daniel said...

So given your scenario wouldn't we want Obama in office so that the efficiency of energy production is advanced? ;)

Maybe I'll just stick to supporting the use of wind and clean coal--- something both candidates support.