Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scientism for Kids: An Indoctrination Music Video

Rudolf Carnap, the late logical positivist, is quoted at the beginning of "Science is Real," a music video intended for children's instruction and used in some classrooms. Kids are evidently supposed to listen to the wisdom of Carnap, never hearing that logical positivism has been veritably destroyed as a legitimate epistemology. Bursting forth from the corpse of logical positivism is scientism, the starring system that children are supposed to have embedded in their minds via the vehicle of the video's annoyingly catchy tune. During the video, the viewer is told that it's OK to like the "stories" about angels, unicorns, and such, but back in the land of reality, science is what gives us facts. So, the child has just been told that facts are only found through the scientific method, and everything else is just a quaint tale (never mind the very real and factual laws of logic, the real and factual existence of numbers, etc.; none of these are empirically testable). This grammar school fact-value split deals a devastating blow to a child's intellectual and spiritual development. Parents, please investigate what your children are being taught in school. Indoctrination is real.

Click here for the video.

Humorous side comment regarding "Science is Real":
"The science people apparently forgot to consult with the creative people." -- Justin Geis, my husband and discoverer of this video.


Doug Groothuis said...

"Only science gives us knowledge," the video teaches.

Yet this statement is not a statement of science; it is a statement about science and cannot be verified by any empirical observation; nor is it true by definition. Hence, scientism is self-refuting, necessarily false!

Sarah Geis said...