Friday, June 26, 2009

Letter to Congress Regarding the Cap and Trade Climate Bill

I have sent this letter to my representative as well as as many e-mail addresses as I could possibly find (a strangely difficult task, is almost as if they do not want to be contacted!). This bill needs to be defeated, as it will be, according to the Wall Street Journal, the largest tax on the American public in history. Call your representatives and express your discontent; the vote is scheduled for late afternoon. For further reading on this egregious bill, read this Wall Street Journal article.

Members of the United States House of Representatives,

Before you vote on the impending cap and trade bill, I urge you to carefully and thoughtfully consider your position on the matter. President Obama and others have enthusiastically pushed this bill as a necessary one that will be of great help to the environment, an assertion that is far from certain. Moreover, this time of economic difficulty is an exceedingly poor occasion to be hurriedly working to pass an environmental bill of such “historic” proportions. Any bill that carries such a disturbingly high likelihood of financially encumbering business owners and, consequently, threatening any more jobs has no business being seriously considered. However, it appears that Washington theory has long detached itself from American reality, and therefore I will attempt to reconnect the former with the latter. There are multitudes of hard working, tax-paying and voting Americans, your constituents, who stand in strong opposition to this bill. We recognize that in the end it is no less than another tax, a gargantuan tax at that, and we do not appreciate having our economic interests sacrificed for a romanticized theory that may or may not save a questionably endangered environment.

Perhaps some of you simply do not care about the concerns I have put forth here. For those of you who have worked diligently to truly represent and listen to your constituents, thank you. But as for the rest of you, know this: the President did not elect you, and as such his arguments in favor of this bill should be a mere afterthought against the backdrop of the citizen’s voice. In case some of you have forgotten, you are in Washington by the people and for the people. Frankly, we hold your jobs in our hands, and thus our voices will eventually be heard. Representatives of American taxpayers, listen to the people, or we will find representatives who will. On behalf of many concerned American citizens, I implore you to take a stand for what is right. Vote no on this bill and all others like it that put a vastly unnecessary and exorbitant burden on those whose best interests you are elected to have in mind.


Sarah Geis